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These sunglasses may replica oakley sunglasses make you look good, but they could make the planet look better, too—because rather than plastic, their frames are made from flax and hemp.

The brainchild of Sam Whitten, these shades are part of a new line called Hemp Eyewear and are made from a hemp-flax fiber composite. Whitten explains that his 'research into hemp and its possible oakley sunglasses discount applications led to the discovery of hemp and flax fibre composite sheet material which are impregnated with an eco friendly binder.'

Perfect, it turns out, for making sunglasses (as well as, uh, scooters). The frames are simply compressed and molded under heat, then cured and treated with an eco-friendly bio resin to add waterproofing and a little discount oakley sunglasses extra strength. You can register your interest in snagging a pair here, but there's currently no word on pricing.

Spy's lenses work by fake oakleys blocking the typical ultraviolet and short wave blue radiation that can harm your eyes while allowing the beneficial long wave blue light through. The "Happy Lens" is available across a wide range of sunglass models and fake oakley sunglasses includes polarization.

I've been wearing the Discord cheap oakleys glasses for about two months now and can report that they noticeably boost contrast and color. The polarized effect works great outdoors, where it helps to cut glare. It also eliminates some reflection on water, allowing you to see into the ocean, rivers or lakes a little better. It's less ideal for operating vehicles or machines, where it can make it difficult to see some LCD displays and similar. This is most noticeable with gas pumps; the first time I filled up while wearing these I was convinced the pump was broken as the display appeared to be blank. You can still see cheap oakley sunglasses your smartphone screen, unaffected.